Links for the Week

  • The Next Big Blue-Collar Job is Coding  LINK
  • The Most Powerful Mental Model for Identifying Stocks LINK
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letter (Foundation) LINK
  • How the Flash Crash Trader’s $50 Million Fortune Vanished LINK
  • Things That Don’t Make Sense LINK
  • Charlie Munger 2017 Daily Journal Annual Meeting Notes LINK
    • “You have to live with uncertainty – it’s not bad thing – who’d want to live in sameness? We may as well be dead.”
    • On spirituality: “Just because you don’t have a specific theology, and I don’t – when I learned about the talking snake in the Garden of Eden, I knew it was fake. I was young but didn’t believe the teacher at bible school and haven’t changed. That doesn’t mean I’m not spiritual; I just don’t need a talking snake to make me behave well. Rationality is a moral duty. Rationality is a moral duty. If you’re capable of being reasonable, it’s a moral failing not to be. We should all take this on even if we are a little stupid. Yes, we need a social safety net, too but not one as dumb as the one we have now.”
    • Capitalism is about being satisfied with less and acting with decency.


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